Tunnel Ovens

When it comes to recirculating heat in order to bake, the BakeTek™ Continous Baking System has a history of high performance. With the updated improvements, we think you'll find the oven offers superior baking at a competitive price point while increasing efficiency and production.

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Enrobers & Candy Equipment

We have a complete line of Chocolate Equipment at the Industries most competitive pricing. Check out our catalog to find out more.

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Cooling Tunnels

Our Cooling Tunnels are manufactured custom to your specifications. Lineal feet of cooling, width of belt, in-feed & discharge temperature desired, as well as type of belt, can be determined by your product and requirements.

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AFE's Mixifier™ is a liquefier & scraped surface mixer all in one. Mixifier's™ are available with standard water jacketing and flat lids or with steam jacketing, dome topped and ASME Stamps. Our Mixifier™ is a cost effective and efficient way to process a variety of products such as icings, protein blends, coatings and fresh or frozen produce.

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Stainless Steel Tanks & Liquid Process Systems

AFE manufactures a variety of Stainless Steel Tanks & Liquid Delivery Systems in various different sizes & tank types. Our emphasis on quality, easy sanitation & cost efficient design helps the customer to achieve the best tank or process for their project. Our Quality Tanks & Process Systems are designed & engineered by our highly trained staff to exceed our customer's expectations.

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Sandwiching Machines

Whether you need 2 Lane or 4 Lane machines in Single or Double Deposit, we have what you need at an excellent price point.

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Flow Packaging

We have a full ine of Stainless Steel Wrappers and Auto Loading equipment at the Industries lowest pricing.

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Spiral Cooling Conveyors

Is space an issue? We can manufacture our Stainless Steel Ambient Cooling Spirals any length, width & belt type to meet your cooling needs.

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New Turba-Flo Cooling Tunnel

Item: New Turba-Flo Cooling Tunnel

Model: Turba-Flo

Category: Cooling Tunnel

Manufacturer: All Food Equipment



Item: Woody's Stringer

Model: 40"

Category: Icing

Manufacturer: Woody's



Item: Mixifier

Model: Mixifier

Category: Mixing

Manufacturer: All Food Equipment



Item: Pro-Robe Enrober

Model: Pro-Robe

Category: Chocolate Equipment

Manufacturer: All Food Equipment